Friday, December 4, 2009

The Brodo Bowl

So after a few failed attempts to obtain the original drawings for the Brodo di Pesce bowl we decided to go ahead and design our own. The program we used for the design was autocad 2010. We started off by designing a 3D model of a standard bowl just to get the size restrictions for the model of Venice that was to be placed inside. After the bowl was completed a map of Venice was then traced over with lines and smoothed out to create an extrudable outline of the city. Now, since not every section of Venice is not at the same elevation we went by eye off the original model, made by Nicholas De Monchaux, and estimated which sections were at similar heights and gave those sections a matching number. We decided to use four different elevations and each section was extruded to the height corresponding to it's number. Some filleting was then done to give the model a sleaker look and then it was placed within, and bonded to, the bowl. As of now we only have the drawing completed but we plan on sending it to either shapeways or ponoko to have an actual 3D model produced. Below is a picture with a few views of the designed bowl.

Here is a short animation of the bowl going from full to empty, thus slowly revealing the city of Venice at the bottom.

Brodo di Pesce from Postmodern Postmortem on Vimeo.

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