Monday, September 21, 2009

Scents and Sensibility

Addresses: People leave garbage out in spite of city regulations and causes the streets to smell.

Solution: Spray perfume whenever a bag of trash is left out in the street. Some type of pressure sensor could be implemented to indicate the pressense of trash, or perhaps a motion detector or ultrasonic rangefinder. The most suitable type of sensor depends on the location, for instance if it is in a location with high or low activity. Some issues still remain, such as making sure that what has been placed on the sensor is actually trash as opposed to other items or people, and making the sensor discreet enough that it can't be consciously avoided. A device similar to the "Sense and Spray" introduced by Glade could be developed, so that when motion is detected, a squirt of perfume is released. Another idea is to create a device similar to the automatic dispensers that can be found in public bathrooms. I have come across a fairly cheap ultrasonic range finder, as well as a DIY range finder. This site shows how to build a range finder with an arduino board.

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